Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogging On Contact Lenses

My name is (obviously) Ed, and I'm a technical type who happens to be in the online contact lens industry. I am somewhat biased in my views, since a number of online contact lens companies deliver my daily bread. However, I want people to come to my site to read about contact lenses, so I will be attempting, not only to blow the horns of the sites that I work with (mostly because I DO believe in them), but also to give you real information about the online contact lens industry.

Hopefully, I can get you to click on ads, too, so I get more daily bread ;->

Ah, another thing, I'm not real interested in letting you know WHICH online shops I'm associated with, since some people who pay me might get upset. However, I promise never to lie. Hey, I played the boy George Washington in a school play when I was a kid and have kept the "Father, I can not tell a lie" line as part of my moral makeup for decades.

Tomorrow, I will talk about UK pricing on some brands, service, and price matching.

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