Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Acuvue Stuff

Johnson & Johnson have their own Acuvue web site for the UK, including Five Clear Reasons, FAQs, Demystifying Contact Lens Myths and Your Eye Examination - Why You Need One.

I have updated the price list, including a couple of new companies I added by digging around (please leave comments if you know of any other shops that should be included in the price survey). I am still waiting for info from, which APPEARS to be a US company with a domain but shipping from the US. I'll let you know what they have to say.

Second Sight Online has GREAT prices, but a really poorly designed shopping web site. I can't tell what they charge for shipping, and their checkout process is stone aged. I've written to them to ask for their shipping charges, and to recommend a redesign (always sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong ;->).

This version of the price list is still hand made, but I've set up the MySQL tables to auto-generate the info. My IDEA is to generate XML data from the DBs which can be freely accessed, so that anyone can create whatever mashup they need of the data. I will then use XML stylesheets to generate HTML for the site from the XML data.

Finally, sorting is a little arbitrary here, since e.g. is cheaper than Lensbase on 8 boxes, but more expensive on 1. Therefore, to decide the pricing, I use the cheapest price per box, where (which has a decent shopping experience) is tied with Second Sight Online (with SSO going to first due to a lower price on 1 box). In the future, I hope to allow YOU to sort by your most important criteria.

1 Box 2 Boxes 4 Boxes 8 Boxes
Second Sight Online£ 40£ 80£ 160£ 315£ 42.5£ 84.99£ 168£ 315
Lensbase£ 42£ 84£ 167£ 328
PostOptics£ 42.25£ 84.50£ 169.50 £ 335
GetLenses£ 44.25 £ 88.50 £ 174 £ 336
TheContactLensShop£ 49.45 £ 98.90 £ 188.89 £ 359.90
ContactLenses£ 49.50 £ 99 £ 192 £ 372
Specsavers£ 51 £ 102 £ 204 £ 408
UK Contact Lenses£ 54. 50£ 109 £ 204 £ 408

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