Thursday, May 18, 2006


PriceRunner found a number of contact lens companies that are not on the UK price survey, including a couple of non-UK companies. I will check how import duty works with them, and include all the non-customs-problems companies in the next price list (hopefully tomorrow).

You can clearly see that their original sorting is highly payment dependent - why isn't the default sorting by price? Simple, because some companies pay more for higher ranking.

PriceRunner also has customer reviews for contact lens web sites, so post your info up there and let us know what you think about their services!

Second Sight Online has been down all afternoon. So far, I'm not really impressed with the site. They also have not replied to my email about shipping charges.

Since Costal Contacts has not replied to my email, I called them up. I talked to "Ellie"... [rest of paragraph removed since further information from Costal Contacts indicated that the information I quoted was untrue - see my newer blog entry on the subject].

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