Wednesday, June 21, 2006

GetLenses Offer

GetLenses just emailed me a "Super sunglass offer" - "FREE SUNGLASSES WITH ALL ORDERS OVER £70.00!" (while supplies last). They don't have info on this that I can find on their site, which is weird. Also had some weirdness just now when trying to order a brochure, but that might be because I had JavaScript turned off (strange things that programmers do!).

They say they have price matching - users of this site should check for lower prices before ordering!

NOTE: Just got a very polite email from Aisling Carolan at GetLenses. They say they have no brochures, and do not expect to print any for the foreseeable future, so you can ignore the "Order a Brochure" link on their site. Also, the reason that I could not find a link to their free sunglasses offer is that there IS none.

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