Friday, May 19, 2006

Reply from Second Sight Online

Just received a reply to my question to Second Sight Online about shipping: "With regards your query regarding shipping. Our shipping costs are Free Delivery.

Thank you for your constructive criticism regarding the site design. We are infact right in the middle of a relaunch of the site using a e-commerce package. This is imminent. I shall drop you an email once we are live and would appreciate it if you would update the comments on your site.

I'll keep you up to date...

Lens Wear

OK, I'm still investigating the new companies I got from PriceRunner, but it seems that Lens Wear is a legitimate one, so I've added them to the price survey. Note that I've also adding Google Page Rank (to give you an indication of how Google rates the site in importance - higher is better), shipping charges, and comments (indicated by *s).

Some general comments on Lens Wear: their page has problems in FireFox (my main browser), but otherwise has a decent shopping experience. They have a quote which says "The price you see is the price you pay with no hidden charges, extras or taxes". I ASSUME this means that taxes are included in the price, but guys, come on - if you say the price has "no... taxes", you might want to think about rewording ;-> I BELIEVE that taxes are included in their price.

Acuvue 1 Day Boxes of 90

1 Box 2 Boxes 4 Boxes 8 Boxes Page RankShipping Cost£ 42.5£ 84.99£ 168£ 3154£ 3 *
Lensbase£ 42£ 84£ 167£ 3280 **£ 0
PostOptics£ 42.25£ 84.50£ 169.50 £ 335 4£ 0
GetLenses£ 44.25 £ 88.50 £ 174 £ 336 4£ 0
Costal£ 43.14£ 86.27£ 172.53£ 345.065£ 4.99 ***
Lens Wear£ 45£ 89.99£ 178.99£ 357.950£ 0
TheContactLensShop£ 49.45 £ 98.90 £ 188.89 £ 359.90 4£ 0
ContactLenses£ 49.50 £ 99 £ 192 £ 372 4£ 0
Specsavers£ 51 £ 102 £ 204 £ 408 0£ 0
UK Contact Lenses£ 54. 50£ 109 £ 204 £ 408 3£ 0

* = Free Shipping on Reorders
** = Page Rank zero since it's a new site, but very trustworthy
*** = Free on orders over £69

Bye Bye Second Sight Online

Second Sight Online's web site (the worst of the site's that we've seen) is still down, my email from Wednesday asking about shipping prices has gone unanswered, and calls to their number are going unanswered. Although they have great prices, they are not a reliable site to the best of my knowledge, and I will now remove them from the survey. Objections (on any objective grounds), anyone?


I received the following email from Costal today: "I had a look at your site and noticed that the information provided to you by Ellie [Ed: Ellie is a support person that I contacted yesterday] was actually inaccurate.
While we do ship from outside the UK, our prices do reflect the addition of the 19.5% for tax and duty. This is because we import the lenses to ourselves (from our local facility to our European branch) and then put the packages in the Royal mail to the customer. The customer will not have to pay the duty and taxes as we pay them on import."

This information is confirmed by this document on their site (see the shipping information: taxes section).

I will be keeping my eyes and ears open to see if the above is accurate, but to the best of my knowledge, it is, so I will remove the quote from Ellie from my post yesterday (which seemed to indicate that they did not include VAT), and include Costal in my new price list (which I'm working on now).