Friday, February 23, 2007

Lensbase Changes & VisionDirect News

Lensbase (whose prices ROCK) have updated their checkout process, and also added German and Spanish. They will soon be adding more payment methods, and eventually more languages. Their site could use a face lift, but if you looking for great prices, it's THE place to go.

Meanwhile (not to be confused with the privately held seems to be having a lot of churn in their executive personnel as their mother company's ( stock price continues to dive down from their high of $80 a share down to below $3. They've burned through a lot of cash, and expect to continue to lose money though most of the year.


Unknown said...


I came across your site and was hoping you'd start to track We carry a wide selection of contact lenses with low prices, free shipping deals, and bulk order discounts.

I'm sorry for the comment. I would have emailed you but there isn't one listed on the site. Please let me know if you have questions.


Ed Eichman said...

Thanks Bob - I just did a review. I'm sure you'll have comments on the review ;->
I will put my email address on the site, and also fix the layout a bit. Sorry the email wasn't available.