Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just got an email from CoastalContacts.co.uk - not an offer per say, just an ad. In the ad, they have one day Acuvue listed as £15.95* (* = prices subject to change). OK, I thought, let's compare this to VisionDirect.co.uk's £17.50 (including shipping).

I found the Coastal interface a bit weird, but was finally able to add one box to my shopping cart. On the product page, they claim that one box is £14.50 and shipping is marked as "free priority" (even though, right beneath that, it says "£5.99 value, only valid for orders over £99", and right below that, "Did you know you will get free shipping if your order is above £69?" - Huh? Say that again?!?!).

In the end, the price is £21.61 (£14.50 plus £1.12 handling plus £5.99 shipping), which is neither the price in the mailing, nor the price on their web site. However, we can safely say that it's above VisionDirect.co.uk, Lensbase.com and the recently reviewed Lens Catalogue.

Work started today on the long overdue update of the full UK market pricing list. Maybe by this time next year, it will be running ;->

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