Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eyecare Plus

One last site - I checked Eyecare Plus (at least, that appears to be the name - the URL, edinburgh-eyetests.co.uk, doesn't match). 1 Day Acuvue, 30 lenses, is listed as 14.20 GBP, but actually shows up as 14.50 when you add it to the basket (huh?). Actually, at the top of the page, it's listed as 13.70 GBP per box, but that must be an unspecified quantity discount (guys, put "as low as" or something like that - don't try to trick me!). Added to that is 3.50 GBP in shipping, for a total of 18.00 GBP. Not as expensive as the other shops we visited today, but far from cheap.

The site is fast, but the site design is (IMHO) poor, with the navigation bar disappearing (go to e.g. 1 Day Acuvue - your navigation bar on the left is now gone), prices changing (14.20 becoming 14.50), and incompatibility problems with FireFox (check out the main page in FF). NOTE: if the site designer is reading this, I highly recommend a book that I learned a lot from - Don't Make Me Think - also please note that I'm far from an expert myself! I have a lot to learn.

Page rank is only 2, so they have not yet impressed Google very much. NOTE: The Google page rank is a logarithmic scale with the important contact lens sellers in the UK having a rank of 4 (CostalContacts.co.uk, Contactlenses.co.uk, Lensbase.com) or 5 (VisionDirect.co.uk).

Again, I'll stay with VisionDirect.co.uk ;->

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