Monday, September 17, 2007


OK, back from the states and ready to roll. Today I checked GreatShades, which I found via Google Product Search. They have a PageRank of zero, which I find strange for a site which the way back machine indicates has been around since December of 2005. Additionally, they seem to be more of a glasses company that happens to sell contacts rather than a group with their focus on contacts.

The site is running the C.R.E. Loaded web shop, which is written in PHP. The speed of the page is acceptable, as is the design (although I did see a few cosmetic problems running FireFox).

A quick price check on 1 Day Acuvue first shows that it's impossible to order only one box - minimum are two boxes. GreatShade's price, including UK delivery, is 40.54 GBP (vs. at 39 GBP including UK delivery), so the prices are competitive, although beat them on all the half dozen or so products I checked.

In any case, they would be interesting to check out if didn't exist but, in the meantime, I suggest you stay with the best ;->

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