Tuesday, September 11, 2007


While checking through Froogle... wait, strike that... while checking through Google Product Search (Froogle sounds SO much better), I found PoshEyes.co.uk. Just a quick check showed a (for me) strange web site, with expensive prices - one box of 30 lenses of Acuvue 1 Day at 14.46 GBP plus 2 GBP shipping (note: they have free shipping on orders over 25 GBP) plus 2.88 GBP in VAT comes out to 19.34 GBP. They claim they have the "Lowest UK Prices on Contact Lens Solution" - well, that may be true (and it's worth checking another day), but they are certainly not cheap on lenses.

The site is Pearl based and very fast, and they have nice SEO-type URLs. Navigation is not bad, per say - more than anything, the thing that annoyed me where the "extra" pages filled with blah blah blah text when you clicked e.g. on the "Contact Lenses" link from the header - I'd rather see categories, etc.

Their focus is mostly on glasses, and it shows.

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