Tuesday, September 11, 2007

VisionDirect.com 15% Offer

Just received a 15% off offer from VisionDirect.com (coupon code FALL15 - valid through the end of Sept. 2007) - not bad, not bad at all. It seems to have no basket minimum attached to it, nor any of the tricks we found with the Coastal Contacts offer the other day.

One thing I found strange is that my account with them is set up with a Spanish address, but they sent the email assuming Dollars - even when they have buttons on the top for Euros and Pounds. A click on the button brought up a window that explained why I got the mailing in Dollars:

International Customers:

We recently made some changes to our website. All prices on the site are now reflected in United States dollars. We continue to ship to international addresses. Currency exchanges will be performed by your credit card company during the billing process. Please contact your credit card company for current exchange rates. Thank you for your business.

Yea, OK, so I have to do some calcs to compare prices, but let's see what I come up with...
One box of Acuvue 1 day (30 lenses) costs $21.95 (10.85 GBP), and the 15% discount (1.63 GBP) gets taken off that, for the awesome total of 9.22 GBP. Up till now, all roses.

However, there are three problems for U.K. customers. The first is the shipping, which comes out to a whopping $19.99 (9.88 GBP), bringing the total of our order up to 19.10 GBP (vs. 14.50 GBP, shipping included, at VisionDirect.co.uk). The other two problems are possible insurance complications, along with possible additional duties and taxes added to your total.

Although the prices vary slightly, the same principal applies to other European countries - buying from the U.S.A. just doesn't make sense.

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