Friday, October 05, 2007


The Herald had an interesting story about Daysoft, and their hope to become a major supplier of contact lenses direct from the factory to the customer.

The IDEA is interesting - of course they are able to have the cheapest prices - but I feel Ron Hamilton (the creator) is forgetting two major points. First, if opticians know that Daysoft will be selling directly to the customers for reorders, why the heck would they recommend Daysoft to their clients?
I would be interested in knowing just what percentage of contact lens wearers go back to their optician for reorders. Perhaps if this percentage is very low and getting lower, Daysoft might be on to something.

Second (and much less important), shipping within the U.K. is fairly easy - if you want to ship outside of there, things get MUCH more complicated.

Mr. Hamilton, any comments?

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