Monday, October 01, 2007


I just found LensCases, and my jaw dropped due to the main site image. We have Spanish business cards printed with the same image, which is one of the stock items from VistaPrint. I'm not sure VistaPrint would be very happy, but since it appears that the gift certificates that LensCases give out are printed by VistaPrint, I guess it's alright ;->

LensCases does not have a PageRank yet, the way back machine does not have any info on the web site (the first time that I've seen that for a web shop), the copyright for the site is 2007, and all the products that I checked were added to their catalogue in September of 2007, so it looks brand spanking new. The "About us" page says they've been in business since 2005.

The site is written in PHP using Zen Cart as a base, and is average speed with old-style (i.e. non-SEO friendly) product URLs. They don't appear to be using Google AdWords, but they were smart to get on Froogle.

In all, a decent start for a new niche shop. I think I'll talk to my clients about ordering wholesale from them ;->

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