Thursday, October 04, 2007

Writing and Discounts

Hey, it looks like I've been doing this blogging thing all wrong. Why spend time staying current on trends, examining sites, and writing articles when I can just BUY articles from ISnare? Or even better, just do web searches and report the results like Contact Lens Online Guide? ISnare is at least a good idea - a service for those that want to be lazy. However, Contact Lenses Online Guide appears to be a simple regurgitation of other people's work. Whatever, if it makes money...

One site that I like (but, unfortunately, is USA only) is and their companion blog. The main site is a price comparison of products (well, at least products of the companies with which they have an affiliate agreement), and the blog (which is perfect to get via a feed reader) has all the latest offer codes from the companies. Nice idea. Wish I had time to do the same! Let's see if they can stay impartial knowing that their money is coming from the ecommerce sites themselves via their affiliate programs.

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