Monday, September 03, 2007

Back to School

Hey, wonder of wonders - I have an audience! I got a call while on vacation (my wife and our 4 kids were camping) that my blog came up in a meeting with a major contact lens company. OK, if you want me to continue, I'm happy to oblige ;->

Arriving back from vacation and going through my 8 million emails, I found a 10% off back to school offer from coastal contacts (coupon code BTSF07UK). From the email, I click on the 1 Day Acuvue ad, and the lenses cost 14.50 GBP as advertised. However, I have a question - how many lenses am I buying? I assume it's 30, but that's not indicated anywhere. "Free" shipping costs 5.99 GBP (huh?), and a 1.12 GBP "handling fee" (what is a "handling fee"? Why not include it in the price instead of fooling me?). Also, the 10% was not subtracted after I put in the coupon code, and no explanation was given. I had to read the fine print in the email to discover that the 10% discount only applies on orders over 99 GBP. So, at the end, it's 21.61 GBP for 30 lenses.

Let's compare that to the everyday low prices at There, the price is also 14.50 GBP. However, does something really weird - the price that they claim, 14.50 GBP, really costs 14.50! How strange is that - truth in advertising. No 6 GBP "free" shipping, no funny named extra charges, clear info that you are buying 30 lenses, and a final cost of 14.50 GBP, including free shipping (which, in's case, "free" means 0.00 GBP - strange, isn't it?).

Hey, which store would you rather buy from?