Monday, September 24, 2007

Creepy, Part II

Ah, another thing we saw this weekend: a cool web site that shows Wild Eyes contact lenses. Maybe I can get them to send me some free samples since I'm (inadvertently) advertising their wares ;->

Continued TradeDoubler / ASDA Spam

I didn't receive any response to my reports of "deceptive redirects" from Google Product Search from TradeDoubler nor ASDA from Malholland and Shappel, but someone (either Google or them) got them off Google Product Search.

However, what I would assume is the same affiliate is playing the same trick with SS-Store, Sanchez, and Maisonette, using trick redirects to go to ASDA, so it seems clear to me that TradeDoubler and ASDA did not do a very good job of cleaning up this leak (at least not so far). The "drama" continues.

Collected from the Web

If you are interested in how contact lenses are made, take a look at this video. I showed it to my wife and kids this weekend, and they were all blown away at how they are made.

Staingrid has study results on the "biocompatibility of various contact lens/multipurpose solutions".

Contact Lens Spectrum is reporting that AMO has begun shipping AMO Complete Easy Rub Formula.