Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beijing blur

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Australian Olympic athletes will be given contact lenses to fight the bad Beijing air. Johnson & Johnson will be providing lenses with UV filters. At the very least, it's a great publicity stunt.

I would have thought that Nike Max Tints would have been in the running for this one...

Another VisionDirect.com Offer

The guys at VisionDirect.com are at it again, with a 10% off (coupon code HURRY10) through November 13th.

VisionDirect's mother company, Drugstore.com, saw it's stock price rise to the $3.50 mark, after falling as low as $2.35 earlier in the year. Their 3rd quarter results were still in the red, but down to only 2 cents per share, and they expect a "breakout" 4th quarter. In any case, at a guess, they are doing well in their contact lens division.