Monday, January 07, 2008

Alpine Crystal Ski Goggles

I was coordinating a change to the shipment scanning system the other day - the ability to get the DHL tracking number directly from the DHL EasyShip program so that scanning the order against the DHL bar code would catch any mistakes. In order to do so, I needed a DHL label to make sure the scanning would work. We agreed that the best way to get a DHL label to me was to DHL something down here to Spain. "What do you want?" I was asked (I LIKE those kind of questions). Since I was going skiing in Andorra to bring in the new year, I asked for ski goggles. Much to my delight, the arrived here at the office shortly before I left. Thanks, Steffan!

Well, I didn't set any ski records on this trip (I spent too much time teaching my 5 year old sweetheart Martina to ski), but I WAS very, very impressed with the goggles. The vision was excellent both in the morning / midday in the glaring sun, in the late afternoons when the mountains provided an early sunset on the lower slopes, and even on the day when we had heavy snow and a lot of wind. Also, despite being roughed up both by falls and by rushed packing (renting skis for 6, including 4 kids, tends to induce careless behavior), the goggles did not get scratched or broken (unlike the 28 EUR sunglasses I bought for my son Nick, which got broken within 6 hours of purchase). Also, the goggles were super comfortable - I totally forgot that I had them on. They just worked. The field of vision was great, the strap was great - they just blew me away.

Although the price you pay will be a bit higher than what I paid (can't get any cheaper than free), I feel very confident in highly recommending these goggles.