Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great Point Light - Seeing is Believing

At the recent Vision Expo East conference in NY, late on the last day, Steffan found the Great Point Light stand. We were both really excited about it - Steffan because he wanted to sell the products we found there, me because I wanted to buy a bunch of them.

My wife Cristina has been using the products since then, including the LightWedge and the Wallet Magnifiers, and she is very happy with both of them, and (as usual) sending new clients to our website since she's a big believer. I only purchased one LightWedge but, since I haven't been able to get my hands on the one we have at home (since Crys is always using it), it looks like I'll have to pick up another one. Recommended.

We also have a great selection of Great Point Light products for sale now. Besides the LightWedge and the Wallet Magnifiers (which, as part of the over-40 club, will now become part of my standard equipment), I also plan to get the USB Flex Neck light.

In my next post, Steffan will cover European States and Internet Sales, in particular what the future holds!

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