Sunday, August 10, 2008

Be the Best You Can Be has published a PDF called "Be the Best You Can Be", which highlights the ways in which improving your vision (using, of course, Acuvue brand contact lenses) can make you better at what you do. It was an interesting read, especially about the soccer player and why UV protection is important (something that I should take more care of since I spend a lot of time outdoors here on the Mediterranean coast). I got the news from the Contact Lenses Today newsletter, which also talked about free samples, but I assume that's only for the US market.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Lensbase's new SiBoSol product has obviously hit a sweet price point, as it's selling very well. The fact that instructions are also in various European languages makes it especially interesting for the non-English-speaking hoards (one of whom I'm married to, so I know the interest is heartfelt).

What I have noticed however is that people do not order many lens cases, even though all the opticians say they should be changed every three months. The next time I visit the warehouse, I have orders to pick up some more piggy shaped lens cases. Let's see if I can start promoting them better. Steffan, I have an idea... details to follow...